Biography of the Group

The cultural association, Folkloric Group “MATA E GRIFONE”, founded in 1982 takes the name from the mythical giants, founders and protectors of the city of Messina: “Mata e Grifone” (see the legend). The group is formed by young students and by folk lovers, its mission is to study, search and promote ancient music, songs, dances, and Sicilian popular traditions. These researches are formed by individual experiences, collected testimonies and by searching texts of famous Sicilian ethno-historians. After two years of activities, the group started cultural exchanges in Italy and abroad. In 1985, Mata e Grifone was registered at the F.I.T.P. (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions). In the same year, together with the aid of new programs of the F.I.T.P. and the help of music and dance teachers, the children’s group was formed. The final mission of the group is to awaken children’s interest in the folk discipline, understanding the link between historical traditions of our island, so that art and cultural expressions can inspire a mental and physical growth.  A year later, in 1986, with the same aim, the folk discipline and its activities were introduced in different high and primary schools, that are still present nowadays. In 2008 the Mata e Grifone Group was registered at the National section register CIOFF ITALIA. In 2011 it became a member of –IOV- ITALIA, in the same year (2011), on the 150° Anniversary on a United Italy, the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities recognizes the Folkloric Group with great National interest. In 2018 the group was re-confirmed a member IOV-ITALIA.







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President: Mr. Orazio Grasso
Address: Via Portone Militare, 25  - 98145 Bordonaro (ME), Messina, Italy
Mobile: +39 347 1811973

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