Biography of the Group

The cultural association, “Gruppo folklorico MATA E GRIFONE", was born in 1982 and it has the purpose to divulge the old dances, songs and music of the Sicilian popular traditions, through searches based on experiences, testimonies and texts written by the most famous Sicilian historians. In 1985, after gaining some recognitions, the association entered the F.I.T.P. (Federazione Italiana Tradizioni Popolari). In the same year, in line with the new programs and thanks to popular music and dance teachers, the founders created also the children group with the purpose to promote the interests of children toward the Folklore of our island. In 2008 the association entered the "Albo dei gruppi della Sezione Nazionale CIOFF® Italia". In 2011 the group became member of "IOV Italia".The Association, in accordance with the objectives set organizes every year in January in Messina in locations Bordonaro, on the occasion of the Feast of the "U pagghiaru" Regional Meeting of Pipers during the 3 days of the event the pipers are aimed to the discovery and exploitation , the popular traditions in Sicily.







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