Songs of serenades: Mi votu e mi  rivotu - E Vui durmiti ancora- etc.

Songs of spiteful: Sturnillata dispittusa - Santaluciota - etc.

Songs of job of the farmers: A pampina dill'alivu - U mulinaru -

Songs of marriages: Cu ventu e cu suduri - La soru mia etc.

Songs of sea as: - U paliu di harchi arimi - N'menzu o mari etc.

Songs of legend: U giganti ca GigantissaGiant - Colapisci -

Christmas songs: Misteri Gaudiusi - Litanies - you play of Bagpipe etc.

Songs of carnival: Carnascialate - Mottetti

Songs - childish - ninne nanne - filastrocche - Sciogli lingua etc.

Traditional songs: Vitti 'na crozza Ciuri ciuri - Tarantella cantata etc.



                                                  Dance, (Tarantella Missinisi called U Ballittu)

It’s the most famous dance in the whole Province of Messina, nowadays it is still performed by dancers in an extemporaneous way, the dance is frenetic and danced to the rhythm of 6/8 eighths, it requires a lot of skills and synergy in the expressions of the choreography movements. The dance is performed mostly during religious and village festivals, especially during the celebrations of the two equestrian statues “Mata e Grifone” (The legend says that they founded the City of Messina). “U Ballittu” takes place every year in  August.

Dance of the rope: “U ballu da cordella”:

dance pagan it has origins of the XIV° century, to the epoch, it was used to dance, during the parties in spring, it symbolized, the four seasons, and to wish the good result of the harvest of the wheat some grape of the olives. It is an interlacement of 24 or more colored ropes that weave him, and they loosen him around a pole of around tall 5 meters.

Dance of the sea: (Tarantella del mare):

you/he/she was danced, from the fishermen with their families and the people of the place, to celebrate a good result of an abundant fishing as the fishing of the tunas (Mattanza) and the harvest of the coral.

Dance of the harvest of the grape: (U Ballittu):

he/she also anchors today it you/he/she is danced, in extemporaneous way in all of our Province in Messina in particolar motion in a country of the south zone of called Messsina “St. Filippo”e was danced by the carriers of grape, from the workers, during the vintage and the pressing of the grape.



Accordion -  guitar  - mandolin   - bagpipe -  organetto -  drum - I whistle - pipe - marranzano -  and so many saltris you orchestrate popular

The group annually organizes besides "National Assembly of the Bagpipe"


CD - Cantannu - sunannu and ballannu

CD - Them birth nuveni Saint

CD - Sicilian Water-color

CD - "Friscalettu 'ntra lu strittu"


















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