The activity carried out every year by the Cultural Association, "Mata e Grifone" Folk Group and always intense and very demanding. In 2018 in January organized the "X ° Regional Meeting of the bagpipe" the event takes place in conjunction with the party of "U PAGGHIARU" which takes place every year on the day of the Epiphany in the village of Bordonaro. In the month of July he participated in the 14th International "Traditional Meeting of Artists" in the city of Istanbul - Pendik -Turchia.There were other folk groups present at the Festival representing other continents: The group during the events, brought on the stages, some songs, dances and popular music typical of the Sicilian Region, also attended conferences, on the various cultures present, visited exhibitions, art museums and popular traditions, and at the same time was received by the highest civil and religious authorities, giving them of books on Sicilian popular culture In August, in collaboration with the Municipality of Messina, and the Regional Province of Messina, and with other folk Associations belonging to the FITP (Italian Federation of Popular Traditions) organized the classic walk of the legendary giants "Mata and Grifone "popular event that takes place every year for the celebrations of the August holiday in Messina ttembre has participated in many other events, folklore as, VI ° Edition of the Regional Festival. In the same year in October he participated in the International Festival of the bagpipe "SACKPFEIFEN in SCHWABEN" Balingen - Germany, attended by other groups of musicians representing other European countries. During its activity, the group continues its studies and research, in the study and dissemination of the Sicilian folk traditions, the research is carried out in countries, municipalities, historical sites, historical archives, museums, and at the same time collects testimonies at the people of the places. The group in its many activities has been carrying on for many years, a laboratory project that sees the study the research the construction and tuning at the same time, the sale of bagpipes (ciaramedde in paro), flutes (friscaletti), double flutes pipes. The association, every year, with the approach of the Christmas festivities, offers "Cultural concerts of music and Christmas carols", (novene) performed by players of bagpipes, (ciaramedde in paro), pipers.

Bagpipe to “I protect”

The bagpipe is an aerofono with varying organologiche in relationship in the geographical and cultural area of use. Characteristic of the Sicilian territory is the bagpipe to “I protect”, whose denomination is reported to the equal length of the two principal reeds (note to I protect). You same, in relationship to its dimensions, or to the measure of the charterses and the relative bourdons, you/he/she can be distinguished in:  

a) - great, if its two chanterses measure between the 50 and the 60 cms.;   

b) - average if the chanterses measure between the 40 and the 50 cms.;  

c) - average - small if the chanters s measure between the 38 and the 40 cms..  

d) - small if the chanters s measure below the 38 cms., in use in the area of the Peloritani mountains, usually destined to the boys so that they understand the first notions of technique of the tool.  

Flute (I whistle)

Belonging to the large family of the aerofonis, diffused in all the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, the I whistle or Flute of mouth wedged reed "Flute of mouth wedged reed", together with those in bone, in the city areas and especially in those rural it acquitted to different ritual and ceremonial functions. For the construction of the I whistle a segment of reed of the hard type it is used drawn by plants that they grow in dry grounds, exposed to North; used more rarely the bamboo reed" in how much very hard to work, but from the final intonation as many valid. The nature, therefore, in the construction of this tool, it plays a very important role, since it often conditions the artisan builder in the choice of the reed. Particularly it needs to hold in consideration how bigger it is the reed, more the knots are distant the one from the other, less acute they will be the sounds gotten by the tool, for which a reed will be chosen younger and therefore more slender if he/she is wanted to build a tool more acute, more adult and thicker if contrarily he/she is wanted to get an I whistle more serious and therefore from the sweetest and melodic sound. The musical qualities of a good I whistle they depend really from this, from the type of reed that is used, or from the diameter and from the length of the sonorous pipe, drawn by two cuts, the one before a knot and the other a pair of centimeters after the following knot: this will also serve as function of support in how much the reed is subject to easy breakings.


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